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Jacksonville, Florida driving under the influence (DUI) arrests are uncomfortable. The embarrassment from the sobriety tests given to suspected drunk drivers quickly gives way towards the terrible reality of handcuffs, as well as the anxiety about the likely problems that could follow a Florida drunk driving conviction, like being sent to jail, or losing your Florida drivers license for days, months, or even years. We understand your feelings. Most significantly, we can minimize the affect a DUI arrest can have on your life.

If you’ve been arrested anywhere in the City of Jacksonville for driving under the influence, we have lawyers that will assist. With offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, Ocala,and Miami, we have attorneys that can help you in any Florida court.

The Jacksonville, Florida drunk driving defense attorneys at Fenderson Law Firm have the practical knowledge needed to effectively defend clients in Florida driving under the influence cases.

Fenderson Law Firm focuses on safeguarding people charged with driving drunk (DUI) and relevant driving while impaired cases. Florida DUI law is complex, and Fenderson Law Firm has the specific education, training, and experience crucial to effectively defend a Florida drunk driving arrest.

Effects of a DUI Arrest in Jacksonville Florida

Getting arrested for DUI in Florida triggers two separate situations: a driving under the influence / drunk driving court appearance together with a Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV or commonly referred to as the DMV) suspension. When drivers are charged with DUI in Florida, they first appear in court for having a drunk driving offense. Then the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles suspends the motorist’s driving privileges.

URGENT: Should you be charged in Florida with driving under the influence (DUI) / DWI, it is crucial that you just act quickly to guard your license. You’ve only 10 days within the date of arrest to request an Administrative hearing to keep your driving privilege. Contact a Jacksonville, FL DUI lawyer at Fenderson Law Firm now to guard your driving rights in the event you or somebody you know is charged with driving under the influence, driving while impaired, driving drunk or driving under the influence of drugs, or any driving arrest in Florida.

Fenderson Law Firm concentrates on drunk driving defense throughout Jacksonville and the rest of Florida. Fenderson Law Firm has defended many Jacksonville, Florida driving under the influence cases, and can help you defend your Florida driving under the influence situation.

If you were charged with a Florida driving under the influence offense, it may be possible to defend your charge, whether your charge is for any misdemeanor felony DUI. Fenderson Law Firm has aided many while using strategies and rights available to clients from Florida laws and regulations and the constitution of the United States

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If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you may be frantic and stressed. You may be uncertain of what you should do first. Regardless of your particular circumstances, you should make consulting a Jacksonville DUI defense lawyer as your first priority. Fenderson Law Firm focuses on defending clients who have been charged with DUI in the state of Florida.
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